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Providing information about google adsense : basic adsense, adsense optimation, keyword research, etc.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

6 Basic Tips For Google Adsense Part2

Here's another 3 tips for google adsense:

- Learn where you should place your ads for more optimal click-through exposure.

- Always keep your site current; this helps in keeping your customers coming back to see what is new, and this in turn helps your click-through rate.

- Use the most popular keywords. Advertisers pay more to put their ads on sites that contain popular keywords, as these sites will be visited most often. This will bring in more traffic to your site, resulting in higher click pay rates. There are software programs that you can use to find the most currently popular keywords.

Google actually has a blog that tells about their Google Adsense Tip for the day and any Google news. There are also forums by Google and their affiliates where others will help you to uncover the Google Adsense secret to success. Whether you want to make $5 a week, or $500, Google can be the way to go. Learn the Google Adsense secret and start earning hundreds of dollars a week instead of just a few pennies.

Mike Lane

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